Thursday, February 26, 2015

Vermicelli - Mien

Along with Pho and Bun, Mien is a favourite food to many foreigners. Mien has a similar shape to Bun; however, this Chinese originated noodle is not made of rice flour; seaweed and cassava flour are used instead. Thanks to this, Mien is a less-calorie food as well as a vegetarian favorable by on-diet people. Basically, main components of Mien’s broth is the same with Pho, however, its spices are sourer and maybe more fishy because Mien usually eaten with sea-foods. Mien Luon (Mien with eal) is the most popular type of Mien in Vietnam, especially in Hanoi. Broth to cook this special Mien is made of eel’s bones and gingers; then sliced fried eel would be added later. Fresh uncooked vegetables are recommended to eat with Mien Luon to eliminate the fishy taste of it. Other variables of Mien are Mien Ngan (Mien with goose meat), Mien Cua (Mien with crab meat) or Mien Ga (Mien withj chicken). 

Mien can be used with soup or stirred in oil, such as Mien Xao Thit (Mien and pork stirred in fat) , Mien Xao Long Ga (Mien and chicken tripe stirred in fat), Mien Xao Cua Be (Mien and sea crab meat stirred in fat).

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