Friday, March 6, 2015

Bánh Pía - Pia Pastry Soc Trang

If you have a chance to join Mekong delta tour. You shouldn't miss one of highlights in Soc Trang province - Pia Pastry (Bánh bía) taken to Vietnam by Chinese people at 17th century is one of traditional dishes in Soc Tang. 

Pia Pastry was on top 50 Best Vietnamses Food in 2011. Not many people know that this type of cake originated from China and but it had not been popular until Soc Trang bakers distributed it around Vietnam. Pía pastry is similar with moon cake; however the cooks put the yolk and durian inside the cake. On the surface of the cake, the producers put the red mark of the producer’s address and name. Almost every travelers who has a chance to taste this special cake all agree that it is one of the best desserts in Vietnam.

It is attracted by a thin and super soft skin, not too sweet and very nice filling. Enjoying some Pía cakes with ginger tea is a good choice. Even with people do not love eating durian, this cake still worth trying because it has gentle flavor after cooking. To find out more diverse cakes, click here

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