Thursday, July 16, 2015

Specialty dishes shouldn’t miss in Da Nang

When you get a chance to visit Da Nang. You probably swim the famous beach and relax at the coastline for a first priority. But don’t forget dishes here to mark your trip unforgettable. 

Mixture Jackfruit

This dish is extremely familiar to youth Danang. Mixture jackfruit has sweet flavour by young jackfruit and crispy pigskin, add aroma of peanuts, onion and spicy bit of chilli, herbs ... all make appealing taste. A plate of mixture jackfruit price 10000-20000 dong

Fried Chip Chip

This is kind of delicious, cheap seafood extremely characteristic of Da Nang. Besides steamed rice rolls like Hanoi dishes listed in the menu of hanoi street food walking tour, fried spicy chip chip is also common practice. Sweet taste of chip chip plus pungent smell of lemongrass, spicy chiliv, strong taste of spices to make a dish must try try when traveling Danang. This dish are available in many seafood eateries, with price 25000-30000.

Jellyfish Salad

Jellyfish Salad has the simple processing. After washed with boiled water then drain, mix  Jellyfish Salad with green bananas, green mango, peanuts, add some herbs. Can be served with pancakes, dip either a fish sauce or soybean sauce. Jellyfish salads are very suitable with hot summer weather because of cool flavour sold near the beach, in Con Market, Han Market .... with 20,000-30,000 dong
per plate.

Mai fish

Mai fish have similar shapes to anchovies but sparkling silver fish scales surrounded and especially no blood should not smell fishy. Clean Mai fish’s scales, cut off head and tail, use a scalpel along the keel fish, invertebrates withdrawn, as re-using lemon juice, squeezed dry and set aside. Vegetables like carrot julienne, sliced onion, water mint, laksa leaves finely chopped, roasted peanuts ... to mix salad, creating dishes with bold flavors Central. The diner near the Dragon, or the beach Pham Van Dong has sold many mai fish salad, a plate costs about 30,000-40,000 VND for 4 people to eat.

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